Glen Moray 21YO Premium Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml

    Manufacturer: SILVERFERN
    Glen Moray 21 Year Old whisky is a distinguished single malt Scotch whisky crafted by the Glen Moray Distillery, located in Speyside, Scotland. This expression is aged for a minimum of 21 years in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, allowing it to develop a rich and complex flavor profile.
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    The Glen Moray 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml: 

    The Glen Moray 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a superb example of Speyside elegance and complexity at its peak. This exquisite expression is matured for over two decades in the finest oak casks, which imbue the spirit with a deep, rich character and a smooth, refined texture. Packaged in a 700ml bottle, this whisky represents the pinnacle of Glen Moray's craftsmanship, offering a luxurious experience for the discerning whisky connoisseur.

    With its golden amber hue, Glen Moray 21 Year Old whisky offers a nose filled with aromas of honeyed malt, dried fruits, and subtle oak spices. On the palate, it delivers a luxurious combination of creamy vanilla, caramelized sugar, and ripe orchard fruits, complemented by hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and dark chocolate.

    Tasting Notes: 
    Color: A deep amber with glints of gold, indicating its prolonged contact with oak.

    Nose: The aroma is rich and inviting, with layers of honeyed malt and sweet vanilla. Undertones of dried fruits and subtle spices suggest a complex profile developed through years of aging.

    Palate: On the palate, this whisky unfolds with a velvety smooth texture. Flavors of dark chocolate, ripe figs, and candied oranges blend with hints of toasted oak and nutmeg. The depth of flavors is balanced by a delicate sweetness and slight woody undertones.

    Finish: The finish is long, warm, and slightly dry, with lingering notes of spice and a trace of smoke, a testament to its maturity and the finesse of its aging process.

    Specific Details:
    Alcohol Volume:46.3% ABV, offering a robust yet approachable profile.

    Cask Type: Aged in a mix of American oak and ex-sherry casks, which contribute to its complex flavor profile and rich color.

    Bottle Size: 700ml

    Age:21 years, a significant maturation period that ensures depth and complexity.

    This Glen Moray 21 Year Old is a luxurious whisky that captures the essence of Speyside's renowned whisky-making tradition. It's a perfect choice for special occasions or as a distinguished addition to any whisky collection.

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